Tilak’s Study in Jail

Nationalist Speeches

Source: Reminisces and Anecdotes of Lokamanya Tilak,  Edited by S V Bapat, 1928


When Lokamanya Tilak returned to his mother-country after his six years incarceration at Mandalay he carried with him nearly four hundred books, mostly on Gita and Hindu religious philosophy. These books were packed in two crates and a list of them was made by Lokamanya Tilak himself and signed by the jailor with the remark “Packed in my presence”.  We print the list below for the information of the readers. It shows Lokamanya’s vast reading and the amount of trouble he took in preparing his Magnum Opus! the Gita-Rahasya. The list will be useful to the students of Gita and the Gita-Rahasya. It will alao be helpful to those who wish to furnish public or private libraries with literature about the Gita and Hindu Philosophy and Ethics – Editor.

Nos. 1–4 Rigveda Samhita, 4 Volumes, edited by…

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