Marxists Controlling Temples in India


If one wondered why former Congress prime ministers looked at Russia, while leading the non-aligned movement, the answer is that the Communists are a source of inspiration. Well, Communists can inspire others in how to perfect the art of HYPOCRISY.

When the revolution in Russia culminated in ending the Czar rule and began the ‘Rule of People’, in the name of people, Lenin and Stalin killed people. Perhaps, Stalin’s valor in killing his own people inspired some Indian leaders, so they named their kids after him. After all, we are a country, where people even name their kids after Timor.

Then there is the other Communist Country that still thrives; China. Well, Chinese mastered the art of hypocrisy more than Indians and Russians put together. Perhaps the legacy of Kung-Fu taught them the value of practice, they chose to practice even hypocrisy with the same devotion. Chinese leaders have simply replaced rulebook but retained the original cover. Incidentally the rulebook was for economics. Though the ghost of Karl Marx wanted to go to Beijing to protest the blatant blasphemy to Marxism i.e., practicing Capitalism with a capital A in the name of Communism, fearing for his life (even ghosts fear Maoists) he chose to remain in the liberal Germany.

The Indian Marxists, a bunch of smoking-room intellectuals who, much like Marx have never ventured to work and are now competing with their Chinese counterparts. Well, when even the school children know that the opposite of Chinese is ‘Original’, Marxists from the God’s Own Country want to be the original Hypocrites.

The unwritten code of conduct of Marxists is that they should not believe in God. Perhaps the logic behind this dictum is ‘if we pray to Gods, what will we do to Marx”? So, they choose to pray to Marx, while proclaiming to be atheists. Atheists or not, Marxists always retain the core value of Marxism i.e., Hypocrisy. That is the reason why they remain in air conditioned rooms smoking imported cigarettes discuss about ways to achieve equality amongst proletariat.

There is a temple in the town Azhikkal in Kannur district. Kannur district is normally in the news whenever CPM workers eliminate their opponents, as per the officially proclaimed strategy. Now, Kannur is in news for another thing, reaffirming the faith of Communists in Hypocrisy. In Azhikkal, during the annual festival of Paambadiyal temple, the goddess tours the town in a procession called “Thiruvayudham Ezhunnallathu”.

And the goddess, whom everyone (at least the believers) consider their mother is biased against Dalits. Bhagawati, while touring the town skips the homes of Dalits. All the while, Dalits participate in the procession, carrying the sacred swords of Devi. The place is primarily a Naga Kshetra, where snakes are worshipped.

The temple is primarily a base for ‘Thiyya’ community. And there is no bar on anyone to enter the Kshetra. Unlike regular temples, this is a place where there is a Banyan tree and a stone pillar. And this resembles any regular ‘Naga’ kshetras in the south. Alternate sthala purana says the place is also the same place where two separated goddesses (sisters) meet.

For some unknown reason (my bad mind thinks it is for money), the temple is controlled by CPM. Officially CPM cannot control temples, as it is against the stated principle of atheism. So, unofficially CPM workers practice the unstated principle of Marxism and thus control the temple and its functioning.

Like the typical way, Communism works, CPM controlled committee is for eliminating caste based discrimination everywhere, but in its own back yard. Now, Dalits are protesting the discrimination by the goddess (or the Marxists).

Dalits want the goddess visit their homes and bless them too. And the eternal villains, the Chaddiwalas (Oops, they are now upgraded into Trouserwalas!) want the goddess to provide the much talked about ‘social justice’ in the Marxist Country. Really it is frustrating for CPM workers as more and more Trousers are sprouting, despite regular killings. In fact, killings by CPM should be called ‘culling’ because of the high frequency.

Temple president says Dalits have no role in the temple and the procession is routed through the houses of communities that are associated with the temple. All the while, he wanted to utilize services of Dalits to carry swords.

His opponent one Thekkan Sunil, who is undertaking a 72-hour long hunger strike says the procession visits all Hindu households, despite the ritual follows the Thiyya and the exception is only for Dalit households.own

Does anyone in the national media has the time and guts to talk about what CPM does in the name of ‘equal rights’? Ever wondered why the hell all Communist parties choose ‘red’ for their flags, irrespective of factions? Because, the lands that are ruled by Communists were coated ‘red’ with the blood of those who got killed by the Commies.

I really would like to watch Ravish Kumar going to Azhikkal and ask a Malayali in Bhojpuri “Kaun Jaat Ho”? Well, nothing is going to change as nobody would like to waste their ill-gotten award over few Dalits fighting for their justice – against the most pious theology called ‘Marxism’.

It seems even the noted newspapers from the south, The Hindu and The New Indian Express have given this news a miss, as I failed to find the news reports in their sites. Maybe they are all waiting for the situation to take a turn so that they can report it later “How Chaddis are stroking caste based violence in the peaceful Azhikkal by provoking innocent Dalits against the liberal Marxists.

‘La Cream de La Cream’ is the same CPM fights for women’s entry into Sabarimala, which is the only place of worship where there never were any caste/religion discrimination. Girls before puberty and post menopause can visit. Women who could conceive are asked not to visit only because the deity there is a bachelor. Now, CPM wanted to test the capacity of the celibacy of Lord Ayyappan and so they wanted women to enter Ayyappan Temple.

But, the same CPM is against Mother Goddess visiting homes of Dalits. Well, Indian Marxists have proved they are original Hypocrites. Let the Chinese remain Chinese version of Marxists!