Raja Jaswant refused to carry night attack and defeat Aurngzeb because “It was not Rajput custom to attack secretly”

While Aurangzeb has no qualms in employing all means and treachery to ensure his victory

night attack

Surprise! The Muslim officers serving under the command of Raja Jaswant singh of Mewar defected to Aurangzeb’s side


Strategies employed by Muslims, to colonize a non-muslim area or a village.

1) Sudden conquest and threatening the entire hamlet population to convert or die. Offers include how they would rape their women and children. Peaceful intercourse, of course.

2) Slow Erosion. A Muslim family or two would shift into a Non-muslim village. They would claim peacefulness and peace, and proclaim how they represent Islam and Jihadists don’t. They start living, breeding, populating, and overwhelming the native demographic. Takes a few years.

After gaining a little population, and a little acceptance, they’ll start preaching their faith, pressing the more friendlier families to accept it. Relentless demands for accomodation of faith and practices made. They are granted by the majority. This is stage 2.

Stage 3 is extremely hostile warfare. Picking and picketing on the former Non-muslim adherents of the population. Rape, murder, descretaion, loot, encroachment, compounded with preaching the word of peace. They’ll make your life hell, so that you finally capitulate, or run.

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