The Truth of the Swastika renamed as the Hooked Cross!

Police State USA: The Pledge of Allegiance Was the Origin of Hitler Salutes

By Ian Tinny, Dead Writers Club

A union of cross and Hooked Cross used by Churches in Nazi era. Hitler saw Hooked Cross symbol in a Christian monastery (Lambach Abbey)and adopted it as emblem for his party.He never used the word “swastika” After Hitler got bad name,Evangelist lobby associated it with Swastika

Hitler adopted Hooked Cross(“Haken Kreuz”) as symbol of his Nazi party. So why is his party symbol incorrectly and retrospectively called Swastika instead of (Hooked) Cross after his death? That’s right. To hide the the fact that Nazism originated in Christian Socialism
hooked cross1hooked cross2
Interesting! Even Mein Kampf apparently only mentions ‘Haken Kreuz’, and not ‘Swastika’. The latter surreptitiously added into the English translation.

Germany, Sanskrit, and Indology

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Hegel again commenting on the significance of the discovery of Sanskrit to Germans

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