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Periyar Gems

Periyar about Malayalees in his speech against “Dakshina Pradesh”(united South India) in 1956: “Malayalees are bastard sons of Brahmins .Tamil Brahmins & Malayaless look out for each other, they conspire against Tamils and divide the spoils between them”

(To give you a little background here, Nehru’s confidant V.K. Krishna Menon was wary of sectarian sub-nationalism of fascist orientation in the Tamil country which he felt had disastrous l consequences.He wanted a Dakshin Pradesh, as a corollary to Uttar Pradesh)

2/n Periyar about Malayalees: “Malayaless and brahmins are basically the same, they are both cunning and manipulative.The worst parasitic class who live off Tamils.We Tamils suffer under Brahmin-Malayali parasitism”

Malayalees have influence in Delhi. They have Nehru in their pocket.Nehru dances to their tunes,now the cunning Malayalees are stirring things up with their demand for Dakshin Prdeash [united south state]. Why are they asking for Dakshina Pradesh? ”

“They[Malayalees] ask for Dakshin Pradesh because they a have small country. They breed like rats. Their population density is not in proportion to their land. So they prefer to emigrate out. They are pathetic. Why should we Tamils bear the brunt of it”

“Malayalees are cut throats, They will slit our throats and drink our blood. We Tamils are already suffering badly under a group of wily foxes [read brahmin], in addition to that we can deal with these jackals [Read Malayali]”

“Paarpans[Brahmins] do not have a care in the world about Malayalee domination in our land. Why would he care? Malayalees are after all bastard sons of brahmins and they dance to the tunes of paarpans. In a way ,Malayalee culture is similar to Paarpan’s ”

“Paarpan and Malayalis look out for each other.And they a lot in common. For instance, we see this even today take any, take any job a Malayali, just like a brahmin, would ensure that Tamils do not climb up the ladder. Between them,they divide the spoils”

” Malayalis just like paarpans have occupied all the jobs in our land. When we ask where are the jobs for “non-brahmins” , the paarpans cleverly point to the Malayalis.This holds trjue for all jobs either paarpan or Malayalis occupy it,Tamils get a raw deal”

“Malayali men do not inherit property. They somehow educate their children like Paarpans and come to our country searching for jobs.Can’t they go to the Andamans? Why are they sucking our blood?Malayalis have no shame”

“This is why I warned Democracy is dangerous.The day we do away with democracy ,we can heave a sigh of the name of democracy Paarpans, Malayalis and North Indians brazenly conspire against Tamils”

“For 1000s of years we have been dancing to their (brahmin) tunes, now they want us to join Dakshin Pradesh. I would not sit simply, I request you to protest against this”

END..For full text of the speech: Ref Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, Second Series, Vol. 30 (September 1-November 17, 1955)