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Muslims form ‘Gau Seva Dal’ to protect cows in Uttar Pradesh

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LUCKNOW: While politicians are busy trading barbs over the Dadri beef lynching incident, the All India Muslim Ghosi Association (AIMGA), a body of Lucknow-based Muslim ghosis (milkmen), on Tuesday not only demanded a total ban on cow slaughter but also announced the formation of a ‘Gau Seva Dal’ for the protection and upkeep of cows and buffaloes.
Dairy owner Daulat Ali Ghosi, who heads the AIMGA, said there should be a complete ban on slaughtering of bovines as they provide bread and butter to the ghosis. Calling cows a “least complicated” and “low-maintenance” animal, he said: “If cows are slaughtered, where would milk come from?”

“Owing to large-scale slaughtering, there is a gradual decline in the bovine population. As a result, the purchasing cost of cattle has gone up by almost 15% in the last couple of years,” said Ali. He added that this would reflect in the sky-rocketing of prices of milk and other dairy products in the future.

Announcing the formation of Gau Seva Dal in all the districts of UP, Ali said the body would keep a close watch on cattle which tends to go astray and accidentally falls into pits or wells.